My name is Jayarava which means Shout or Cry of Victory in Sanskrit. I have written a more full explanantion: Jayarava Sūtra. I am a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and have been involved in the Triratna Buddhist Community for many years.


2012: Interview with Ted Meissner of The Secular Buddhist. We talked about lots of stuff but especially karma, rebirth, and my brand of pragmatic Buddhism.

2015: Interview with Matthew O'Connell of Imperfect Buddha Podcast, again talking about karma and rebirth, my work on these subjects has moved on considerably in the last two years as work on my book progresses. I wrote a companion essay for this interview: In Conversation about Karma and Rebirth.

2019. Interview with Michael Taft of Deconstructing Yourself Podcast.  The Pāli Suttas, Buddhist History, Karma, pluralism, and of course the Heart Sutra.

Updated 9 Sept 2021,
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Jayarava.org is a more or less static place for me to store and display examples of my work in various mediums. It doesn't get updated very often, but it provides a backdrop to my other activity on the internet. This website is where you will find examples of my Art, Writing and Music. I've also included some thoughts about Buddhism.

I've just added a new page with some visual resources and essays relating to paṭicca-samuppāda. (9 Jan 2010)

My work on Pāli source texts for the five niyamas is now (Sept 2021) a book : The Concept of Niyāma in Buddhism .

My scholarly writing has appeared in

Almost 600 essays on Buddhism and related topics can be found on my blog Jayarava's Raves.

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2010. Nāmapada: A Guide to Names in the Triratna Buddhist Order. Visible Mantra Press.

2010. Pilgrimage Diary: Record of a Pilgrimage Through Buddhist India. Visible Mantra Press.

2011. Visible Mantra: Visualising and Writing Buddhist Mantras. Visible Mantra Books.

2013. Talking to the Kālāmas: The Kesaputta Sutta (AN 3.65). Translation and Commentary. Visible Mantra Press.

2018. Karma and Rebirth Reconsidered: An Inquiry into the Buddhist Myths of a Just World and an Afterlife. Visible Mantra Press.

2021. The Concept of Niyāma in Buddhism. Visible Mantra Press. £8.99.

Magazine articles

2003. "Healing the Land – A Buddhist perspective on aesthetic renewal." Urthona: Buddhism and Arthttps://urthona.com/fine-arts/healing-the-land-a-scavenging-assemblage-artist-brings-a-buddhist-perspective-to-aesthetic-renewal/

2021. "Losing Ourselves in the Heart Sutra: A new reading of the ancient scripture surfaces a forgotten Buddhist practice." Tricycle Magazine. Spring 2021: 83-4, 104-6. https://tricycle.org/magazine/heart-sutra-history/