Chamber Music

These are all 96Mhz mp3's of my PC playing back my compositions. The piano and cello's are passable immitations, but the violins and other instruments are poor. But you get the idea. Scores are available on request. I use Finale PrintMusic.

PilrgimWork for solo piano. mp3 3.7MB
Two CellosCello duet - first movement of planned suite or sonata mp3 5.1MB
Sonata no.1For cello and piano in something like the three movement sonata form.
- First movement.mp3 3.4MB
- Second movement mp3 2.0MB
- third movement mp3 3.7MB
Exilefor string quartet mp3 5.9MB
Original Facefor string quartet mp3 5.1MB


Electronica and Musique Concrete

Mostly created by taking a seed sound and tweaking it using Audacity, but also the Tone Matrix from Audio Tools.

repulse monkeysound of a popping corkmp3 2.9 MB
embrace tigerspeaking the words "embrace tiger, return to mountainmp3 1.6 MB
hisswhite noisemp3 3.9 MB
tuibird song - Prosthemadera novaeseelandiaemp3 2.5 MB
bowlsTibetan Singing bowlsmp3 4.9 MB
mani mantraVoice, overtone singing - each syllable forms a separate sectionmp3 8.1 MB
water musicsound of dripping watermp3 10.2 MB
gridseqTone Matrix compositionmp3 27.6 MB
condensed mattergridseq basic track condensedmp3 4.9 MB