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Hand - 1999. Acrylic on hessian on board

Inspired by a painting by Don Binney in Te Papa and a photograph I saw on the flight home from that visit to Wellington. I am fascinated by hands in any case. Now in the collection of Durelle Dean.

Untitiled - 1999. Acrylic and various other stuff on canvas.

My first foray into abstract imagery. One thing I can say about abstract expressionism is that it is fun to make this kind of art. Now in the collection of Peter Willis.

   Bangladesh - 1997. Acrylic on pre-printed hessian

This piece of hessian was used as packing for a stone buddha figure. I read up on Bangladesh and painted the side panels using colours and shapes I associated with the country.

Green Thing - 1996. Water colour on paper.

Based on dream image