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Dhardo - 2002. Acrylic on board. (290x180mm)

Dhardo Tulku from a photograph - unsure about the photographer. Dhardo was a friend and teacher to Sangharakshita.

For more on Dhardo see ITBCI and A GLIMPSE OF THE LIGHT

Peter - 2002. Acrylic on board (290x180mm)

A potrait of my dad from a photo. It was taken in 1990 the year he died.

Fred - 1998. Acrylic on board

Based on a photograph from the book "Men Alone". Now in the collection of Steve Attwood.

Frank -1998. Acrylic on canvas

Portrait of Frank Zappa based on the
Yellow Shark album cover

Self Portrait - 1999. Acrylic on hessian on board.

Self portrait amongst a Mondrian composition, violating his rules about perspective, but really a tribute as I see myself emerging from work such as his. Mondrian was trying to depict 'the absolute' and I am trying to place myself in relation to the absolute. Now in the collection of Durelle Dean.