My Sculpture work is mostly assemblage.

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Lignosseosaur. 1998 - pretend fossil

Kind of a joke, but not many people get it. I am fascinated by dinosaurs and this piece of driftwood looked like a dinosaur skull to me.

Spiral Path 1999 Steel, brass, glass

Refers to the Buddhist teaching of conditioned co-production or Pratitya Samutpada in which there are two types of conditinality - one cyclic (samsara) and one progressive. Sangahrakshita refers to the latter as the Spiral Path. The spiritual life can be seen as progressing along the spiral towards Nirvana.


Nuclear Barbie (draft) 1998 Barbie, electrical bits and pieces

First stage of development on a machine Barbie. Sparked partly by list of alternative Barbies (Trailer Trash Barbie, Divorce Barbie - comes with Kens accessories). There's also something about manufactured images of femininity.

Nuclear Barbie completed 1998 Barbie, electrical bits and pieces

All the bits assembled in an old TV.

Pope - 1998. Collage

Based on an advert for NZ Telecom featuring the Pope giving a blessing. The symbol of the raised hand fascinates as does the apparent blessing of the wonderful new Telecom product. Guess what I think of this.


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  Bricks. 1998 - bricks and stuff

I originally made the Brick with Handle (2nd from left) as a kind of homage to Marcel Duchamp and then just got carried away.